stand out on that special night out!
Funky and edgy up-dos to help
you from the crowd

'The Quiff' just got cooler,

fused together so you don't have to choose.....


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criss cross

A pony with some 'tude! ...

Don't forget to pout.

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messy mo

Not for the faint hearted.

Show stopping,

Traffic holding,

Hot looking hair!!

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Vintage Dahhling!

For nostaligic frolicking

or retro lovers alike.

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the knot

When 'bed hair' met StyleStation... we conquered.. we won.

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For the twisted sista within!

None layered Sally's only.

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rocka baby

A glammed up punk rocker...

One for the babes.

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*Please note for all Style Station services you must arrive with dry reasonably clean hair.